About Us

OMS Mobile Established in 2019 in Miami Florida United States of America -Major Hub for Telecommunication Equipment Market serving the needs of Local & Overseas market with having more than 20 Years of Work Experience of management having presence in Key Markets across the world – Hong Kong, Dubai, Middle East & Africa.

OMS Mobile is a R2 Certified Telecommunication Equipment company having focused on Used Mobile | Tablets | Smart Watch & Accessories

OMS Mobile supply products to more than 18 Countries including customer having focus on Latin America, Jamaica & The Caribbean.

Welcome to OMS HOLDING LLC & to our extensive international network that caters to your diverse needs, offering timely solutions at competitive prices. Our commitment to minimizing environmental impact is evident in our meticulous handling of E-Scrap and adherence to responsible downstream methods. Quality assurance is our pride, as each device undergoes rigorous testing and grading to ensure consistent excellence.

With our headquarters in the USA, we leverage the advantages of a highly developed infrastructure to serve a global market. Partnering with leading logistics and cargo providers, we guarantee swift and suitable deliveries to destinations worldwide. Our team of over 20 highly skilled experts is dedicated to serving you daily.

Benefit from our expertise and experience, as we boast one of the largest networks in the telecommunications industry. We possess in-depth knowledge of dedicated sales channels and their specific requirements, ensuring our associates gain valuable insights.

In our industry, the perfect balance between price and quality is paramount. We maintain long-term and profitable relationships with our customers by delivering unparalleled quality through our in-house team of experts. Their comprehensive product knowledge allows us to provide the highest quality for every shipment, catering to the unique needs of each customer.

Our seamless supply chain ensures a smooth and sustainable operation, facilitating growth for our customers. Enjoy a wide variety of devices and options in terms of color, make, and type. Irrespective of your location, whether in Africa or our neighboring countries, we operate around the clock, accessible via email and WhatsApp, providing prompt responses regarding pricing and stock availability.

By covering the essentials of product, price, quality, and availability, we enable our customers to focus on their sales channels and maximize profitability. Join us and experience a profitable and sustainable partnership, backed by the support of the world's largest economy.